Why Transwomen Only?

Making the decision to go from an all inclusive transgender support group to a transwomen support group was not an easy decision.  We believe in being all inclusive but after years of trying to include transmen in our group we realized that the issue is probably that what we know best is the transwomen issues since 99% of our membership has been transwomen.   Especially in today's ever changing world with so many other groups under the transgender umbrella we can't possibly believe we can give much support to all of the transgender community.  


We love the trans masculine community and we want to show our support whenever and wherever we can and we do know that much of what we offer the feminine community will also be of some help for the masculine side so we offer all of our services when and where they are helpful.  We also hope to encourage transmen to participate in our events and attend our meetings.


Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions concerning this or anything else of which we can help.



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