We love it when we have live listeners and it is really easy to listen to any of our shows live. Here is how:


To Listen Live on your computer.  

  1. Go to our Blog Talk Radio Site here or here...

  2. When you get to the page, you will have to do some navigation but it is pretty simple.

    1. ​Find the show, usually at the top of the page, and click on the title.

      1. The page will show a live "play" button when the show begins.

      2. If it has not started yet you can click on the "Reminder" button right under the Show Title.  It will allow you to enter an email for a reminder 15 minutes before the show.  The cool thing is the email will have a link where you can listen live on your computer or your mobile device.  While you are there, you can "follow' us and get updates on all of our shows.

      3. If it has started you can join at anytime just clicking the play button.  It might have a delay so wait about 30 seconds.  If you have any problems email us at

To Listen LIve on your Phone


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