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We are super excited you have agreed to join us on TwN Radio.  Please read the following carefully as it will make the show move smoothly.  Even if you have done a previous show with us, read through these logistics again as they are often updated.  Thank you again!



  • Make sure you know the show time, date and host for your show as we have two Radio hosts (Holly Knight and Julie Millwood) and each will have her own time slot.  If you are not sure about your time slot please contact us at

  • We will typically do our interviews on the phone so you can pretty much be anywhere. 

  • We will ask you to call in a specific time so please try hard to be on time with your call.

  • The number of which you will use to call us is 914-205-5655.

  • You will be asked to complete a form at the conclusion of this document of which one of the questions is your phone number.  Please let us know if this changes as we will specificially look for that number when you call in.

  • Once you call in please listen to the prompts and follow the instructions.

    • If you call before the show begins, your host will welcome you.

    • If you call in after the show has began you will hear the live show and the the host will connect you and then introduce you when ready.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT LISTENERS WILL BE ABLE TO HEAR YOU AND ALL BACKGROUND SOUND WHILE YOU ARE CONNECTED.

  • Please make sure your phone is fully charged so we will not lose you in the middle of the show.

  • It is recommended you use a bluetooth or headset and a location that has no background noise/sound and a comfortable seat.

  • Also, there will not be many opportunities for you to take a bathroom break so, well, you know.  :)  If you must take a break just let us know and we can cover for you.  (You can contact us through the BlogTalkRadio site chatroom)

  • if you have any issues with getting connected please call our toll free number of which you will be able to talk to someone:  855-564-6896

  • Please be aware that thousands of people all over the world will listen to your show live or archived and once things are said they can't be unsaid.

  • Also, please be aware there may be some listeners that are young so try to keep the adult content and profanity at a minimum.  Adult themed topics will be set for an adult setting.

  • We will try to keep the show under one hour but there is the ability to go longer if needed.

  • We will also have some "commercials" or announcements through the show with each lasting 30 to 90 seconds.  Remember listeners will still be able to hear you during that time.  

  • The form below is used to promote the show and to help facilitate the conversation during the show.  Please complete as soon as possible.


  • If you do not want to share your photo that is understandable but let us know this is your preference.

  • Please feel free to promote your show.  Our BlogTalkRadio Page is at

  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at


We ask that you complete a questionnaire about yourself as early as possible so we can promote your show before and after the show.  Click on the Submit Form button to complete.  Thank you!




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