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So, it is a pretty simple idea.  Collect bloggers across the country that like writing about all things "trans".  This can be a person currently blogging or someone that wants to begin.  It can be a trans person or a cis person and it really can be about anything.


So, here are some guidelines for those wanting to be a part of the TwN Blog Nation.  Click here for a listing of our bloggers.


  • You are an "approved" Transwomen National Blogger.

  • Sexuality is certainly a topic to be discussed but just be careful to do this with some sensitivity.

  • No nude pictures or video!

  • The topics should mostly focus on trans and/or LGBT but can also be things like fashion, health, nutrition, whatever you like.  We really only ask:

    • ...that we include the topics you want to write about in your bio on this site so those that are looking for a particular topic can find your blog.

    • make the title of each submission clear as to the topic to make it also searchable.

    • ...your keywords are clear and consistently added to find the topic as well.

    • Submit your blog link here with some information about you and the topics you like to write about.  

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"Blogs By Knight"

Holly Knight

Holly writes about her life as a transwoman...more to come.

transgender, transitioning in life, religion, her life experiences

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