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What is a trans ally?  It can be anyone actually that isn't trans.  This would included the LGB community but also the non-LGBT Community.  We don't refer to allies as "straight" ally's as many trans people identify as straight.  So, just Ally.  


If you are, whatever, you need an ally.  You need an ally to get through school or to go through a surgery.  You need an ally to get through life, period.  Probably many allies.  We, as trans people, can't do the work that needs to be done alone and we are so very thankful to have those allies that have taken obvious steps toward improving trans lives.


With this in mind, we have created the TwN Ally Award presented each year at the Transwomen National Banquet.



Chris Hartman

November 21, 2015

Chris has worked very hard working on state wide legal freedom's of which he has vowed to always include the T and has fullfilled this committment time and time again.

Brian Buford

November 21, 2015

Brian has been a strong ally for the trans community in the Louisville area and is, with Chris Hartman, the first Ally Award recepient.  Thank you Brian!

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