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Trans related news on a daily basis from Facebook and Twitter posts.  Pretty cool.  Take a look and subscribe if you want to receive each day.

Transitioning Assistance

From what to do first, advice on coming out, steps to change your name and etc....


We are also looking for help with this as it can be huge!  Contact us if you want to help!

TwN Business Directory

It is important, still, to know where not to go in order to be safe but also in order to be treated appropriately at a business, Church or Organization.  We are working toward all of these places listed on our Directory.

People are our Resource

We are not here to turn our backs to you but to help you on your wonderful journey.  Our membership is full of amazing, talented, experienced people that by which we count on daily.  You can too...

Trans Video's Of Interest

Video is a wonderful way to tell stories and there are 1000's of important video's out there.  Although we are aware we won't be able to capture all of them we will, however, attempt to have as many video that are about trans.  

TG News Articles

We will add some interesting, funny, serious, inspirational news stories here.  Take a look...

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