Prism Radio is back with new guests, new topics and new music.  

The first Prism Radio Show was aired June 8th, 2010 and was called, "Holly at Night".  Sheila O'Bannon was the first guest that night.  Sheila is the author of the play called, "The Prodigal" and is from Southern Indiana (across the river from Louisville, Ky).  Holly worked with Sheila as a consultant for the play and the two women have remained friends today.


Holly didn't intend to do a lot with the show as it was mostly just seemed like a fun thing to do but after  92 shows and 64,125 listeners it was more than just a fun thing to do.  "I feel I have been a part of many wonderful things as a transwoman for the trans community but quite honestly Prism Radio was maybe the biggest thing I have ever done", Said Holly.


The 92nd show was aired on February 15, 2015 and was the last show under Prism Direction and Holly had to put the show on hold with no idea if the show would ever return.  Well, she feels the show was too important and will join Julie Millwood as hosts of radio show under Transwomen National Radio or TwN Radio for short.  


The plan is for Holly and Julie to alternate Monday nights at 8:00pm with Holly doing the 2nd and 4th Monday with Julie hosting her show on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.  You can see the complete Radio Show schedule here.  

If you have been contacted by a Twn, Journeys With Julie or Prism Radio representative about being on a show, here is some information about how it all works.

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