Next TwN Meeting

Our Next Meeting is April 8th at 6:00pm

It is not required that you register but it is very helpful and you can register here.

Who Can Attend?

All are welcome!

The monthly meeting was the staple for all of the previous support groups and they wil continue with Transwomen National.  In reality, there are no changes as anyone is welcome to attend if 18 or older and if younger you can attend with a parent.  

The Purpose of the Meetings

We are here to help!

This continues to be an interesting discussion as our typical meetings are not really very "trans typical".  We may have a post-op ts sitting next to trans person that is out and about for the very first time.  With this diversity we find it a little difficult to have only one purpose.  We have found the meetings are benefitial for so many for so many reasons but they include:  Fellowship with like minded people, support in personal struggles that related to being transgender and giving back to the trans community.  It is an amazing group of people of which you should plan to attend very soon.

When are the meetings?

Confidentiality is Important to us!

We meet at 6:00pm eastern time on the SECOND Saturday of each Month.  The meetings will typically last about 2 hours with social time before and after the meeting.  

Where are the Meetings?

Email us

We do not publically promote our location to assist in the protection of the confidentiality of our members.  You will need to email us to "interview" with her and then receive information about our location.  Email us at  You can also call us at 855-564-6896.


(Location for Website Members Only)

Policies you Need to Know

Please read carefully

  • We welcome everyone.  You do not need to be trans, trans feminine or LGB...just 18 or older.

  • We take confidentiality serious.  We will not "out" you if you are in the closet or if you are stealth.  We will no longer allow a person to attend that put someones identity in jeapordy. 

  • Come dressed as you feel comfortable...well...what is legal too.  

  • We have changing locations if you want to arrive and change and change before you leave.  Just let us know.

  • We provide soft drinks and water (and ice).  We sometimes bring snacks but feel free to bring food or snacks for the group.

  • We do ask for $5.00 for meeting fee's but if you can't pay some month, we understand.

More Questions?

You still have questions about our Monthly Meetings?  If so, just contact us here.

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