During the planning of the 2009 Louisville Transgender Day of Remembrance, the three officers of Sienna, Alana Montgomery, BeJon St. James and Holly Knight began to discuss that the transgender community needed something other than the TDOR.  Although the TDOR is very important, there was more of an uplifting event needed.  So, the Louisville Transgender Week of Awareness was born.


During those first few years the process was to involve events from each of the LGBT organizations and although that was great we have moved to generate most of the events through Sienna and now Transwomen National.


We do encourage other organizations to create their own events and would love to make them public and help with their attendance.  If you have an event for the Louisville TWOA please email us the information.


One of the early events of 2009 at the University of Louisville.  Very Powerful!

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