Since Rita Hester was murdered in San Francisco on November 28th, 1998 cities across the world has had memorial services on or around the International Transgender Day of Remembrance that is November 20th each year.  (more info)  We are not absolutely positive as to the exact history of the yearly memorial service in the Louisville area but we are certain it was started by the Women's Center of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary around 2005.  




In the early years of this event it was typically fully created and organized by the wonderful people of the Women's Center at the LPTS that often times did not not include any trans people.  It is this spirit that exists around the city of Louisville that makes Louisville a very special place for trans people.  It is also, because of this work, we will always be grateful and always acknowledge the Women's Center of the LPTS as our sisters in this cause.  Thank you!


During a conversation between Heather Thiessen of the Women's Center and then Sienna President Holly Knight, they two agreed the TDOR event should follow under the "ownership" of the trans community of which Sienna was the representation at that time.  Since then, and always working closely with the Women's Center, Sienna has organized the ceremony of the TDOR and has added the Louisville Transgender Week of Awareness.


Now, Sienna has transitioned to Transwomen National and the world continues to change we recognize the need to that unity is a critical aspect of the organization of the important day.  In 2014 there were three TDOR ceremonies of which two actually were held on the same day.  It is our feeling that we don't actually own the TDOR in the city of Louisville but we do feel we have a strong vested interest and although it is wonderful there where three they probably shouldn't be held on the same night.


It is important for causes of groups that are so small such as the trans community that there is unity of numbers and with this in mind we would like to suggest we attempt to have one large event instead of three small events and we feel we are equipted to coordinate this effort.



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